Mary Massage2When you are in search of the perfect massage therapist for you a few things come into play. Some consider location, others time in practice, their specialties and that they match you personally. For others its word of mouth. For those of you who like to hear just how I have affected my clients on a number of levels and aided in an array of ailments this page is for you!

Here are a few comments from some of the best people I have gotten to know over the years:

“I started coming to Mary four years ago with significant pain and tightness that was causing near-daily headaches and migraines, and was disabling my ability to work productively in society or to have any semblance of a life. Mary worked very closely with me, twice a week for 30 minutes per session- which is all my body could tolerate. She spent considerable time and used multiple techniques to help get me back on track, and after a year, my headaches and migraines were all but gone, and my time had been reduced to maintenance sessions, once a month. I continue with that plan even now. This past year I have gone on multiple hikes, week long whitewater rafting trips, other adventures, and I rock climb weekly. I am productive and healthy in all domains of life and am thrilled to be having fun again.”

“I doubt I could have navigated my way back to health without Mary, and I question whether I could have made these changes with any other health provider or massage therapist. Mary has incredible knowledge of the human body and my time with her has been a life-changing extended learning experience. Perhaps what has worked best for me is the combination of Mary’s knowledge of human anatomy, the application of the appropriate techniques for rehabilitation, and her holistic attitude and knowledge about healing”

“I have had 4 deep tissue massages from Mary and am feeling better than I have
in months!”

“I work with Mary Fouse as the massage therapist who services the members at Curves Fitness Club three times per month. I am also the co-owner of Curves and the members rave about the service Mary provides. She has made many friends and new clients by providing chair massage at the club. She is very knowledgeable about massage therapy, and if she doesn’t know the answer to something, she is tenacious about finding out the answer. This fact makes her especially good at working with special populations. I also work with Mary on a personal level, as she is my massage therapist. She has incredible people skills and has the ability to make her clients feel comfortable instantly. She gives a great massage that is both relaxing and therapeutic. I look forward to my visits and have experienced improvements to my overall well being through Mary’s services. Massage from Mary will always be a part of my wellness routine. Because of her expertise I am able to enjoy a better quality of life.”

“Mary is a highly skilled massage therapist and she is a superlative professional at all times. She is extremely talented and approaches each and every session with tremendous enthusiasm and positive energy. I have been a regular client of Mary’s for almost five years and would see her for 60 minute sessions on a consistent basis. Her work for me in deep tissue full-body massage and Cupping was second-to-none. Marys skill level was on par and even surpassed my previous therapist on many levels.As a busy professional, one aspect of Mary’s service to me I always greatly appreciated was the fact that she was always ready for our sessions ahead of schedule. This allowed us to begin and complete our sessions always on time. There was not a single instance in all the years of working with Mary where I felt a massage therapy session was cut short for any reason. She was always sensitive to my needs and ensured that I was completely satisfied after every session. I found her responsiveness and her ability to work with my schedule to be exceptional. Again, given my busy and constantly changing schedule, I cannot overstate the value of these aspects of her services and the importance of them to me personally.”

I love my profession and the above comments really shine a light on that. I hope I can bring the same kind of pain free and happiness to your life.

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