Deep Tissue Massage

In deep tissue massage, I use manual techniques that target specific areas of tension in deep muscle tissues. Specifically, I work to release adhesion, which are rigid bands of tissue that can cause pain and chronic tension and restrict motion.

Deep Tissue or Medical Massage is my main focus of massage and most frequently performed therapy. To begin a deep tissue massage session, I will inquire about your specific needs and what you would like to expect from your massage.

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From there we can assess how to best relieve your area  or area’s of tension. Each massage I do is catered to your specific needs. It’s important you and I are on the same page regarding the length of time it may take to reach your pain free lifestyle. Using trigger or localized point therapy, we will begin to ease into your tissue, breaking apart connective tissue, scar tissue, and adhesions releasing larger muscles piece by piece.

Often a full hour will be spent on one large muscle group or a half hour on both sides of the back to ensure adequate release. Deep tissue massage is not usually relaxing in the conventional sense, some discomfort may be experienced. However, attending a session with major muscular pain or a decrease in range of motion and knowing you require help this can be expected.  As with all massage sessions the intake of water post session is a necessity and will aid in the quick recovery of those areas worked on.

I love to watch the transformation of clients who have been experiencing pain for either a short or long period of time and with massage move forward pain free though life.  It truly is the reason I began Massage Therapy.

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